Perfection is the goal of every single product we make.

Spiral springCompact design for incorporating into equipment

Spiral spring

Spiral springs are used in the contraction direction. The one in the photo weighs 20 kg and is incorporated into a circuit breaker for heavy electrical equipment. The key to making high precision spiral springs is the heat treatment.

Volute springUnrestricted shaping despite the complicated manufacturing

Volute spring

Despite their small volume, volute springs can bear heavy loads. The advanced machining and precision winding that make that kind of performance possible require a considerably high level of skill to manufacture.

Belleville springApplication-specific load bearing proposals

Belleville spring

Multiple Belleville springs can be combined to bear heavy loads in a limited amount of space. KSI can also make heat-resistant springs for high temperature applications of 500°C.

Cylindrically coiled springWire gauges up to 100 mm

Cylindrically coiled spring

This is KSI's signature spring, which we can manufacture to a higher degree of precision than that stipulated for JIS Class 1. Moreover, we guarantee this level of precision even with heat-resistant cylindrically coiled springs and springs over 20 m in length.

Flat and formed wire springsAvailable in various materials, shapes and sizes

Flat and formed wire springs

We can propose, design and manufacture springs in shapes that best suit the customer's application. Most requests are for small sized springs, but we can hot/cold-roll springs up to 8 mm in thickness.